Auricular Thermal Therapy

(Hopi ear candles)

Ear candling is a pleasant ad non-invasive treatment of the ears, used to treat a variety of conditions. It's history can be traced back centuries to Native American Hopi Indians where it was originally used for spiritual healing.

Nowadays it is used as a simple and safe method to help remove excess ear wax, whilst helping to relieve a number of other conditions.

How you may benefit:

The treatment itself involves the client lying on one side. The candle is placed in the outer ear, lit and held as it burns down. The client may hear a gentle crackling and experience a warm comfortable feeling. The candles themselves work on a chimney principle, drawing up impurities where they can be gently removed.

The candling is followed by a facial massage designed to treat pressure points in order to enhance lymphatic drainage and is particularly useful for people who suffer with sinus problems, headaches or simply to enhance the affect of candling.

Caution: not suitable if grommets are in place or if there is an inflammation or infection.