Neals Yard Remedies

Neals yard remedies pride ourselves on honesty,integrity and transparency. The products are made with maximum organic,natural and wild ingredients. All the nasty chemicals are left out so theres no silicones or parabens, mineral oils or GM ingredients to name a few, and no animal testing.

We believe that choosing organic, whether it's your daily bread, your t-shirt or your moisturiser, is one of the most important ways we can all, as consumers, make a positive change in the world, while supporting our own health.

Jane uses Neals Yard Remedies in her treatments and is an independent consultant for NYRorganics which means you can purchase the Neals Yard Remedies range from her.

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Forever Living

Aloe -inspired quality. In order to to ensure the highest quality, Forever cultivates aloe vera on its own plantations without the use of herbicides or pesticides thereby ensuring that the aloe vera produced is one of the purest available on the market.

Forever use 100% inner leaf gel, adding small amounts of other ingredients to produce outstanding results. The versatility of the products means that they can be taken as a drink or applied to the skin.

Forever products are divided into categories: life balance, fitness and weight management, beauty and wellness and animal and home.

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